Rural entrepreneurship development program

To solve the problem of unemployment, women need to be informed and motivated to set up self-employment ventures in the form of small scale enterprises. As such, attracting individuals/groups to the field of industries and development of their latent entrepreneurial traits and qualities form an important plank of activities for rapid development.

Social Justice to Assist Society conducted REDP for women on Income generating activities.


1. To create sustainable employment and income generation opportunities for rural women

2. To motivate the individual and group to develop and strengthen their hidden entrepreneurial qualities

3. To help the prospective entrepreneurs/women to identify the business opportunities suited to them

4. To promote group entrepreneurship in the compact area

Explaining the Group Building process – What is a group?, Importance of groups, Types of groups, Characteristics of a group, EDP – Who is an Entrepreneur, Qualities of Entrepreneur, Business opportunity and Identification, Market survey and marketing, Financial Management and Linkages, Business Management – Introduction and interaction to Successful Entrepreneurs. The program also comprised of class room teaching along with field exposure by visiting successful people. The different types of income generation demonstration have given to self help group women. The Soap making, Candle making, Phenyl making and Perfume making business have taught to them. They also taught about how to do the marketing of their products

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