Kindergarten Programme

SJAS conducts kindergarten programme for the tribal children from the age group of 3 to 6. Part time teachers and helpers are selected for this programme from the hamlet itself. All the teachers and helpers are women.

These programmes are conducted in five remote hamlets. They are Palnapada, Chandrapada, Sasu navaghar, Tepachapada and Karkanpada.

Helpers and teachers gather the children from the nearby areas for this programme. Teachers conduct two hours teachings through play way method for the children. Charts, toys, sketch pencils, colors etc. were provided to the children. Nutritious food/snacks are provided to the children in the kindergarten.

There are 125 children in five centers.. Both boys and girls attend the kindergartens.

Parents are very happy about this programme. These centers inculcate a habit of attending schools among the kids. Earlier there were 10 such centers run by the organization in this area. Five of them are taken by the local government and currently they run these centers.

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