Tribal People Life in Palghar district

Palghar district is formed to focus on the development of the tribal people. Wada, Mokhada, Jawhar, Talasari, and Dahanu, are the tribal blocks in the district. Warli, Ktkari, Konkana, K Thakur, M Thakur and Bhilla are the predominant tribes seen in Palghar district. Warli tribe is the dominant among the tribes in the district.

The life style of the tribal people are centered around with the nature. They worship their ancestral gods, celebrating own festivals, treating sickness with naturopathy and they have their own customs and traditions.

The modern development has not reached to them due to poverty and illiteracy. At present, the tribals barely get two square meals in a day from the fruits from forest and fish from rivers. They seldom feel sad about their situation but feel “proud” as “king” of the forest. They are isolated in many ways from other civil society. The development, modern life style, Education, Health, Livelihood, employment opportunities etc. will take many years to reach to the tribals.

The roots of the superstition have reached deep into the tribals due to illiteracy. They fear that their life should get negatively affected by black magic by their detractors or enemies. Tribals go to their ‘Bhagat’ village doctor when they fall sick, for snake biting, if there is less rain fall in the village, or to solve disputes between village people. As gratitude, people offer alcohol, goats, chickens etc. to their ‘Bhagat’. In social gatherings consumption of alcohol is a must which leads to alcoholism and poverty among tribals.

Tribals are deprived of their basic needs like food, shelter and clothing and also from the services like education and health. They keep their surroundings clean but people are ignorant about their health and superstitious about sicknesses. Anemia and skin diseases are common among children and women. The immunization of the children and health checkups during pregnancy are not given due importance. Nutritious food and care of infants are based on availability of food as per the season.

Houses of the tribals are simple with walls made out of ‘karvee’ sticks, flooring with cow dung and roof with tiles or grass. Their clothes are simple. Men wear a towel around and a shirt or T shirt on top. Women wear saree (Lugade) and blouse. Clothes at shoulder, Ring at nose and flowers on hair.

Tribals perform a variety of dances according to various occasions. Tarpha, Toor Dance, Dhol Dance, Kamadi Dance, Gouri Dance, Gavtya and Sambali Dance etc. are prominent among their dances. Tribals worship Hirva, Chide, Tode, Aarde, Vaghya and Murali are their Goddess. They offer goat, cock, coconut etc. to their Gods on important occasions.

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